Turbidity, suspended solids and color analyzer for liquid samples.

Whether you’re brewing beer, optimizing critical pharmaceutical-manufacturing processes, or monitoring industrial wastewater for contamination, you need rugged, reliable, real-time results to optimize your processes and assure consistent quality and regulatory compliance. Galvanic delivers with its Monitek optical-technology-based turbidity, suspended solids, and color monitors, which delivers the highest performance-to-cost ratio of any in-line liquid process monitor on the market today.


The Utmost in Flexibility to Meet Your Toughest Analytical Challenges

Monitek’s two-component systems include modular, fit-for-purpose in-line sensors and submersible, insertion, and cell-density probes. These sensors pair with a messenger controller, which features intuitive multi-language graphical interface, setup via laptop PC or touchscreen, depending on model, automated cleaning cycles, and more. Unlike most turbidity, concentration, and color monitors, which can handle only one probe at a time, Monitek’s universal messenger controller can handle up to four discrete inputs, each individually controllable to monitor different streams or parameters, dramatically lowering the overall cost and complexity of system set up and operation.

Rugged, reliable sensors and probes to meet every analysis need
  • Extensive configuration of sensor options to meet application-specific requirements, e.g. line size, process connections, sensor material, pressure, temperature, gasket materials, optical path length, etc.
  • Light-scattering and light-absorption techniques
  • Standardized and custom-engineered sensor cells
  • Compact, modular optics
  • Price/performance advantage
Universal messenger controller delivers unparalleled flexibility and economical operation
  • Easy set up and intuitive, multi-language graphical interface
  • Wide range of communication options, including 4-20 mA, relay alarms, RS 232 to a computer, RS 485 Modus protocols and integral data logging
  • One messenger controller can interface with any combination of sensors (turbidity, TSS, color), with up to four sensor inputs
  • Each sensor has an independent interface channel on the messenger. Data is displayed and outputted individually with different units of measurement including NTU, JTU, AU, Hazen, EBC, ppm, g/l, % concentration, ASTM color, Saybolt color units, and others
  • Messenger outputs can interface with customer DCS to provide valuable process information for process control, such as detection of filter breakthrough, upset process conditions, requirement for chemical dos­ing, etc.

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Choose the Monitek system that’s right for your specific application needs

Selected Sensors and Probe Models Controllers
In-Line Turbidity Sensors Submersible Probers In-Line Dual-Wavelengh Color & TSS Sensors In-line Specialty Process Sensors Monitek Messenger – PC Monitek Messenger – LD
MoniTurb-F (forward scatter) with Eex d optic housing for Class 1 Div. 1 areas

MoniSpec-Low TSS (formerly Model CSS-AS probe)

MoniSpec-Color (formerly MoniSpec AB)
Color sensor in a carbon-filled Teflon housing
• Steam sterilizable (140℃ / 15 min / day)
• Clean-in-place capable
• All wetted parts with FDA-approved materials
• 3.1 B material certificate for sensor body
All-in-one touchscreen PC interface controller with up to four sensor inputs and four analog outputs to keep cost-per-data point low
Stainless steel enclosure
Lower-cost, single-sensor controller interfaces with PC (available with laptop PC option)

MoniTurb-FS (forward-side scatter turbidity) with general purpose area optic housings

MoniSpec – High TSS (formerly Model CSK probe)

MoniSpec – TSS
For TSS or color measurement with general purpose area optic housings
MoniTurb – Beer

Fiberglass Enclosure

MoniTurb-S (side scatter)

MoniSpec – Color
with Eex d optic housing for Class 1 Div. 1 areas
MoniTurb – Pharma

MoniTurb-HP (high pressure – formerly 210) MoniSpec – HP


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David Haydt

When it comes to solving complex applications challenges for customers, David Haydt has built his stellar reputation as the “go-to guy” over his 28-year career at Galvanic. Dave joined the company in 1993 as an applications technician at Galvanic’s Calgary headquarters. From 1999 to early 2006, he served as a field-service technician based out of Houston, Texas, providing start-up assistance, field repair service, and training to Galvanic’s natural gas transmission, petrochemical and refining industry customers. In 2006, he was promoted to production manager for Galvanic’s gas-analysis products, overseeing all aspects – from design and development of tailored systems to meet the customer’s specific application needs to ensuring on-time delivery of products. In 2015 Dave assumed the role of R&D/applications manager, where he became responsible for Galvanic’s entire line of gas- and liquid-analysis products. In 2021 Dave was promoted to Vice President of Product Innovation. Dave is accountable for the evolution of Galvanic’s entire product portfolio.

Dave started his career as a laboratory analyst for Norwest Laboratories in Alberta, Canada. He holds a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from the University of Calgary.

Steve Aasen

An operations-focused executive with 20+ years of experience driving financial performance in technology-based multi-national companies, Steve Aasen joined Galvanic in late 2014 as director of finance. He came to Galvanic from General Dynamics Canada, Ltd, one of Canada’s largest and most-established defence system integrators, where he served for eight years as director of finance. Earlier, Steve was at Telvent North America, a leading Calgary-based IT and industrial-automation provider for pipeline and energy-utility companies. He started as divisional controller and ultimately served as the company’s chief financial officer. Steve received a bachelor of commerce degree in accounting from the University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. He also earned a CMA Designation from the Society of Management Accountants.

Rene Aldana

A senior business executive with more than 20 years of management experience in the global oil & gas industry, Rene Aldana joined Galvanic as its CEO in June, 2018. Rene has extensive experience in strategic leadership, process automation, talent development, and M&A integration that will benefit the next chapter of Galvanic’s growth and progress. Before coming to Galvanic, Rene was the chief operating officer for ZCL Composites Inc., a TSX-listed composites manufacturing company serving the petroleum, water, and waste water industries. Previously, he was the managing director for Yokogawa Canada, a world leader in industrial process measurement and automation solutions. For 18 years prior, he served in a series of high-profile positions at Telvent, starting in customer service, followed by engineering project management, and culminating as vice president of its International Oil & Gas division. He has a bachelor’s of science in computer science from the Simon Fraser University in Canada, an executive MBA from the IE Business School in Spain, and an ICD.D designation from Canada’s Institute of Corporate Directors. Rene is fluent in English, Spanish (native), and Portuguese.