Power & Biogas

Power & Biogas

Power plants use excessive amounts of water that must be treated in order to maximize heat transfer efficiency. Nuclear power plants monitor boric acid to optimize neutron flux control. The flue gas must be effectively scrubbed so that it can be recycled back into the plant. Lubricating oils must meet strict quality specifications to optimize turbine performance. Throughout the process, heat-exchange fluid leaks must be monitored to avoid equipment damage.

Landfill biogas contains impurities (H2S) that must be removed before the sales gas pipeline. Processing high H2S gas increases the risk of equipment corrosion damage and endangering operators. If H2S is not efficiently scrubbed or if Btu does not meet contractual obligations, biogas must be flared which negatively impacts profits. 

Each application requires the right technology in order to quickly identify unexpected upsets and to ensure product quality Below you will find a complete set of solutions to provide operators with measurement certainty.

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