Monitek Ultrasonic™

Oil-in-Water & TSS Monitors

Monitek Ultrasonicâ„¢ Oil in Water & TSS

Oil in water and suspended solids analyzer for opaque samples.

Sometimes liquids are too opaque or oily to monitor effectively with traditional optical-based technology. That’s where Galvanic’s acoustic-based products come in, delivering rugged, reliable, real-time results to optimize your processes and assure consistent quality and regulatory compliance. The Monitek family of turbidity and total suspended solid (TSS) monitors are ideal for applications that require detecting suspended solids in samples that typically coat sensors, particles in opaque liquids, and oil in water.


Offering the Utmost in Flexibility to Meet Your Toughest Analytical Challenges

Monitek’s two-component systems include modular, fit-for-purpose probes to pair with a messenger controller. The monitors employ the principle of ultrasonic reflection for measurement, where an emitted ultrasonic pulse is reflected by the particles in a return “echo,” which is back-scattered and transformed into an electronic signal. The system detects, evaluates, and then displays the signal as a precise measurement value. Various sensor configurations allow for installation into process pipes, tanks, or open channels.

Measurement Certainty

The Monitek UltraSonic multi-sensor controller delivers unparalleled flexibility and economical operation:
  • Analog output: 0/4-20 mA
  • Process calibration curve can be created between two and 16 standards
  • Measurement frequencies: 5 MHz and 15 MHz
  • High measurement sensitivity
  • Programmable range (maximum 1 % TSS)
  • Programmable measurement units (ppm, mg/l, %, etc.)
  • Linearization of measurement values
  • Four programmable setpoint relays
  • Backlit graphic display
  • Precision: +/- 1% of range
Rugged, reliable sensors deliver superior accuracy and repeatability to meet your real-time analysis need
  • Ranges: 0 – 10 ppm to 0 – 10,000 ppm
  • Process insertion through pipe adapter with or without ball valve
  • Measures in opaque liquids and in photo-sensitive fluids
  • Not affected by color
  • Insensitive to coatings
  • Easy insertion / removal without process interruption
  • Virtually maintenance-free; no wearing parts

Available models

Single model unit.

Look Closer

  • Flexible Sensor Configuration

    Galvanic has a variety of sensor configurations for installation through process pipes, tanks, or open channels to enable real-time measurements and easy insertion and removal without process interruption.

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