AccuSeries - LPA

Wet Chemistry Analyzer

AccuSeries-LPA™ Liquid Chemistry Analyzer

Multi-stream and multi-parameter liquid chemistry analyzer.

Galvanic’s AccuSeries - LPA are rugged on-line wet chemical analyzers.

Multi-stream and multi-parameter methods offer customers an unbeatable price to performance ratio. The modular design, narrow footprint, and Class 1, Div. 2 certification simplifies installation and maintenance. Wetted parts are individually selected to provide the best compatibility with customer’s samples. Analyses are configurable to any standard method (EPA, ISO, ASTM) to ensure they match up with the lab. Advanced sample conditioning (digestion, extraction, dilution) expands testing capabilities. Remote analyzer control is achieved with a standard remote desktop user interface. Systems are completely programmable with diagnostics and alarms to alert users of adverse process conditions.


Rugged Multi-Parameter, Multi-Stream & Modular Wet Chemistry Analyzer

AccuSeries - LPA Liquid Analyzers offer the following techniques:

  •       Colorimetric
  •       Color Titration
  •       Potentiometric Titration
  •       Ion Selective Electrode
  •       Direct Measurement

AccuSeries - LPA systems can be configured to accommodate special custom analysis methods. To speak with a Galvanic applications expert, call +1.978.848.2701, or email

Measurement Certainty

Robust Modular Design
  • Rated -20 to 60°C for Long Life under Harsh Operating Conditions
Remote Analyzer Control
  • Available Via Modbus, Ethernet, 4-20 mA 
Narrow 16” Width
  • Small Footprint Simplifies Installation
± 2 ppb Accuracy
  • For 0 to 100 ppb Calibration Ranges
User-Defined Methods
  • Match the Lab & Avoid interferences
Hazardous Area Rated
  • Meets Div. 2 & Zone 2 without a Purge
Custom Wetted Parts
  • Maximum Resistance to Handle Samples Up to 70°C
Wide ¼” Tubing
  • Handles High Turbidity & Upset Conditions
Internal Fast-Loop:
  • Ensures Representative Sample Every Analysis
Fast ROI
  • Multi-Parameter & Multi-Stream (Up to 4)
Programmable “Robotic Chemist”
  • Fully Automatic Sampling, Calibration, Cleaning

Available models

Choose the AccuSeries - LPA liquid analyzer that’s right for your specific application needs

Model Description Selected Analyte/Parameters
AccuColor AccuColor performs color titrations and colorimetric analyses. The color produced by the chemical reaction of reagents is directly proportional to the parameter being measured. The system’s dual-wavelength and auto-blank feature compensate for background color and turbidity. The sensor has excellent chemical resistance and is cleaned between analyses to prevent optics fouling. The optical path length is customized to allow for both low and high concentration detection using a multi-point calibration. • Hardness in Brine
• Mercaptans in Jet Fuel
• Hydrazine in Boiler Feed
• Manganese in Municipal Water
AccuSense AccuSense performs potentiometric titrations and direct ISE measurements. Titrations involve a known standard solution mixing with sample until an equilibrium is reached proportional to the concentration of the parameter being measured. ISE measurements are performed using an ionic strength adjusting buffer to identify specific ion concentrations. Low range measurements can be performed using a standard known addition calibration standard. • ABC Analysis in Pulp Liquor
• Acid Gas for Amine Sweetening
• H2S in Waste Water
• Caustic/Carbonate in Scrubber
Methods Acid Gas Loading; Acid Number; Acetic Acid; Boric Acid; Citric Acid; Cyanuric Acid; Hydrochloric Acid; Hydrofluoric Acid; Lactic Acid; Organic Acid; Nitric Acid; Phosphoric Acid; Sulfuric Acid; Acidity; Alkalinity; Aluminium; Amine; Ammonia; Ammonium; barium; Base Number; Bicarbonate; Boron; Bromide; Bromine; Cadmium; Calcium; Carbon Dioxide; Carbonate; Caustic; Chlorate; Chloride; Chlorine; Chlorite; Chromium; Cobalt; Color; Copper; Cyanide; Free Fatty Acids; Fluoride; Fluoroborate; Formol Number; FOS-TAC; Hardness; Hydrazine; Hydrogen Peroxide; Hydrogen SUlfide; Hypochlorite; Iodide; Iodine; Iron; Lead; Magnesium; Mercaptans; Mercaptides; Mesityl Oxide; Molybdate; Nickel; Nitrate; Nitrite; Perchlorate; Persulfate; Phenol; Phosphate; Phosphorus; Potassium; Silica; Silver; Sodium; Sodium Chloride; Sulfate; Sulfide; Sulfite; Sulfur Dioxide; Surfactants; T.M.A.H.; Tert-Butyl-Catechol; Thiocyante; Thiosulfate; Thiourea; Urea; Zinc

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  • Unique Sample-Capture System

    Our unique sample-capture technique provides the simplest and most reliable method of capturing a reproducible volume of sample.

  • AccuSeries - LPA

    Menu-Driven Display Guides User Through Set-Up & Operation

    The AccuSeries - LPA system is simple to operate by even novice users with minimal training.

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